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About Style Renovation Limited

At Style Renovation Limited, our reputation speaks for itself! With over 15 years of experience in renovation, contractor Ammar Al-Adhami, who is at the helm of the company, has led his team of highly qualified and licensed professionals.

Extremely passionate about construction and design, he has embraced the experience he received while working for his uncle in the field of construction. Several years later, he pursued studies in Interior Design and earned a degree from one of the best universities in Iraq.

Throughout his career, he has completed countless successful projects in Iraq, Jordan, and Canada. This has grown into the very satisfying career path he enjoys doing day after day as he brings joy to others, making their construction and renovation plans a reality.

As one who would be delighted to work on any project with you, he looks forward to using his skills and abilities, matched by his years of experience, to fill your imagination, and bring your vision to life!

Larg Kitchen Design

Our Process

At Styles Renovation Limited, we honour our commitment from the beginning to the very end and we do not take anything for granted! This is because we understand that when a client dreams up the building or facility they want, this in turn creates the foundation of the construction process. With this in mind we do everything with care to ensure a successful build later because we are thorough, professional and we also love what we do, looking into every step of the way.

Cad Drawing

Preconstruction Design

This is where we make what looks undoable, doable! Essentially, it is where preliminary planning and engineering services are presented before the construction job even begins. More so, it is where the owners get a much deeper understanding of what lies ahead!  The project is defined, potential issues are identified, we plan, we schedule, and we examine the scope, cost estimation, and analyze the requirements of the job.

Staff Working

Design & Construction Estimate

Provide us with your contact information and project details and we will get back to you as soon as possible with answers or a project estimate.

Contact: (647)-967-8590

On-Site Consultations

Do you need an on-site consultation? Then we are here for you! Backed by our team, we examine the entire area with bringing your vision to life, briefing the team on what needs to be done and how it needs done, taking into account a host of factors- your needs, the actual layout, existing challenges we may need to factor in and combining our skills with our expertise to get the job done in not just an efficient manner, but in the best way possible! Just remember, we are only a call away and we look forward to serving you!

Customer Satisfaction

The Finishing

From foundation to finish, every aspect of the job whether it is new construction, renovation or remodelling, is critically important. As such, finish touches, no matter how minor some may think they are, we attend to all finishing touches.  Whether it is painting, dry walling or electrical for example, enhancing the layout or adding to the curb appeal, rest assured that we have what it takes to make it absolutely outstanding! Let us fill your imagination and wow you, showing you that we can make it happen for you, because we have the skills and expertise to make it happen!

Beautiful Finishing

Our Quality Guarantee

As many would agree, at Styles Renovation Limited, our reputation speaks for itself. We stand by our word and we are always ready to deliver projects you not only want but you deserve! This is because we deliver consistently high quality projects that not only meet your expectations but also exceed them.  We honour each agreement we make and as such we guarantee you quality!

Create your dream home.
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